5 habits of fit, healthy people

Ever met a health fanatic? Maybe they never eat dessert, or perhaps they go to the gym multiple times a day. Maybe their favorite lunch is a whole grain sandwich with a wheatgrass juice chaser!

While that’s a little extreme, a good place to start is learning about five habits that most fit, healthy people have in common.

Habit #1 – Not exercising is not an option

Healthy people get exercise on a regular basis. It’s a priority in their life! They don’t debate whether they should go to the gym or not, they just go! They work out either because they love it or they know the benefit.

Habit #2 – Moderation

Healthy people understand moderation. They don’t wolf down a whole bag of chips. In fact, the avoid junk food and unhealthy sweets altogether! They have accepted that these foods don’t help their health.

Of course, they may enjoy an occasional indulgence, but they still use moderation, simply eating just a few bites. They pay attention to portion sizes and avoid mindless eating. They pig out on healthy whole foods!

Habit #3 – Setting priorities

Health conscious people don’t look for excuses to skip a workout or eat poorly. They make those things a priority, even if that means skipping or postponing something else. Exercise and eating right always takes priority in their daily schedule.

Habit #4 – Goal setting

Healthy people set goals that they wish to achieve. Whether it is to maintain a certain weight, or to lift a certain weight, or to improve some aspect of their fitness and health level, they set goals and plan what needs to be done to achieve them.

Habit #5 – Set time for relaxation

Time for relaxation isn’t optional! Healthy people set time aside and plan activities that help them destress. They understand self-care is not only about the things you do, but also the things you don’t do. Work and the hustle and bustle of life must be counteracted by an adequate amount of relaxation, so stress doesn’t have a negative impact on your health.

Your habits?

What good habits have you formed? If you haven’t formed any, take one from this list and start working on it!

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