5 more habits of fit, healthy people

Last time, we looked at 5 habits of fit, healthy people. Did you pick one of the habits to start working on? Hopefully you did! But those 5 habits are not all fit, healthy people utilize. So without further ado, here are five more habits that many fit, healthy people have in common.

Habit #6 – Stay in touch with their bodies

Heathy people pay attention to what their body and mind needs. They are in touch with their bodies as they strive for better health and wellness.

Habit #7 – Social relationships

Healthy people strive for healthy social interactions and relationships. They know that their emotional state and relationships play a key role in their health.

Habit #8 – Sleep

Health conscious people know they need to get enough sleep every single night! They strive to get enough sleep because it helps them to be healthier and feel better, functioning at their best throughout the day.

Habit #9 – No addictions

Healthy people don’t engage in addictive behaviors. They just never start! They don’t smoke, use illegal drugs, or partake in excessive alcohol use.

Habit #10 – Preventative care

Finally, healthy people get regular health screenings and take preventative care of themselves, even when nothing’s wrong. They visit their doctor regularly and get tests, physicals, and mammograms, ton ensure there are no issues that will need emergency attention.

How about you?

Again, if you haven’t started on any of these habits, just pick one and you can start on the road to being a more healthy you!

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