The power of creativity

Too many people have this talent, but don’t realize it. It’s the power of creativity. Ever marveled at someone else’s creative prowess? Well, you can be creative and innovative too!

Everyone is born creative. The boxes of crayons in kindergarten were for everyone because everyone has that potential. But like many things, it can take some effort to get better at being creative.

Remember how it took a long time to ride a bike or drive? That same effort is required to be better at creativity. It takes practice and a lot of time. Here are a few tips that can help you bring creativity into your life.

Don’t listen to others

Follow the beat of your own drum. Allowing others to give you negative feedback will only bring discord to the music you’re trying to make. If you have an original idea, just do it! Don’t waste time trying to get other people to understand.

Spend time on it

I’m not saying you should rush out and quit your day job. But I can’t stress enough that you should invest time in getting better at being creative. You may need to improve your time management to pull it off, but with a little discipline you’ll be able to squeeze it in.


Keep your brain fresh by keeping your body in good shape. Take a walk. Run a mile or two. Get all those endorphins moving throughout your body! Exercising clears and relaxes your mind.

Record your dreams

If you want proof that you’re creative, start writing down your dreams. This shows you the untapped creative power you have within you. So jot down what your dreams are about, and they may start a creative spark.

Find your own style

Art experts can tell one painter from another, and maybe you can too. It’s because they each have their own style! The same is true with musicians. Spend some effort finding your style.

Don’t hide behind tools

You don’t need expensive paints to produce a masterpiece. You don’t need expensive software to write a book. You don’t need an expensive camera to become a photographer. Don’t let the tools or lack thereof stop you!

Stay passionate

You won’t be able to stay creative if you aren’t passionate about whatever you’re doing. Find something to be passionate about, something that will keep your creative flame burning. Passion can keep you going.

Don’t wait for inspiration

If you really want to be creative, you can’t wait for inspiration. It will come when you least expect it. The key is to do creative things on an ongoing basis, so you’ll be ready when inspiration strikes.

I hope these tips can help you bring more creativity into your life. Be creative for yourself, not for anyone else. Soon others will notice, and maybe you’ll spark their creativity as well.

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