Self esteem dangers to avoid

How do you build and maintain self esteem in a tough environment? If you struggle with self esteem, there are a lot of factors that can drag you down. Here are some dangers to your self esteem that you should avoid.

Danger #1: Negative work environment

Beware of a work environment where it’s a dog eat dog world. If there’s extreme competition everywhere with people fighting just to survive, that’s a toxic environment you’ll want to avoid.

Danger #2: Other people’s behavior

Gossips, whiners, backstabbers, naggers, complainers, and more. All those types of people will bring down your self esteem.

Danger #3: Changing environment

Change can be challenging. A good amount of change can be healthy and a good thing. But if an environment changes too frequently, it can drag us down.

Danger #4: Past experiences

It’s okay to feel pain and experience fear. But don’t let that pain and fear from past experiences overwhelm you. Treat each failure as an opportunity to learn moving forward.

Danger #5: Negative world view

Examine your outlook. Don’t become wrapped up with all the negative things about the world. Learn to make the best of bad situations.

Danger #6: Determination theory

Don’t get caught up in blaming others, genetics, and upbringing. Who you are is not determine by outside sources, it’s by choices you make. Learn from other people’s experiences to avoid their mistakes.

It can definitely be tough to stay positive and maintain a healthy self esteem when people, circumstances, and even your mindset is bringing you down. Life can beat you up over time. Avoid these dangers, and change your attitude, your behavior, and your way of thinking to improve your self esteem.

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