5 Natural Ways To Thrive

What does it mean to thrive? 

According to standard definition, it means to grow, to flourish, to prosper. 

If you want to thrive, it is important to encourage and inspire wellness. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished within ourselves, within our bodies and of course, within our minds. 

How Do We Thrive?

We thrive, quite simply by giving ourselves permission to thrive, following simple daily protocols that inspire wellness and by encouraging others to do the same. When we teach and model wellness for others, we reinforce our ability to stay focused on wellness.

For some, this is easier said than done. There are many people who have difficulty remaining constant with their wellness habits. When they face too much difficulty, they eventually give up because they feel discouraged and start to think they do not have the skills or fortitude to achieve their wellness goals. 

No matter how hard they try, something always gets in the way or pushes them back in the wrong direction and they revert back to old unhealthy habits. There are some things that we must understand about thriving, about constantly evolving, growing, and moving forward that will help us achieve our wellness goals.

Knowing How To Thrive

First of all, it helps to understand the process of thriving. For instance, in nature a tree faces many obstacles to grow. It faces potential destruction in its early stages by animals walking by that could possibly crush it underfoot, lack of moisture in dry times, threat of fire or being uprooted and splintered by storms. It has to compete with all the other trees and plants in the forest to get the sunlight it needs and even when it has fully matured there are weather conditions that threaten growth. 

Thriving is something that we must aspire towards, tackle and overcome the challenges along the way. 

Indeed in order to thrive it is essential that we face challenges and it is also essential that we overcome those challenges or at least have a mindset that will strive to overcome them. Here are some helpful tips to help you develop a mindset focused on thriving.

5 Natural Ways To Thrive

Motivate Yourself – Without motivation, it is impossible to thrive. Motivation is the fuel that ignites the ability to thrive.  It is inspired through passion, whether that is related to doing things for yourself that excite you and bring you a sense of contentment, pride and satisfaction or by doing things for others that brings about the same emotions.  When you stay connected to and mindful of your passion in life, it will help you remain motivated.

Maybe your passion relates to providing a secure future for yourself and your children or maybe it relates to improving your skills in order to share your wisdom and expertise with others to improve their quality of life. Use this passion to motivate you, grow, and to push you to the next level.

Accept all challenges – When you are challenged, you are forced to thrive. This doesn’t mean that when somebody challenges you to do something that is contrary to your ability to reach your goals that you should acquiesce. It means that you remind yourself that challenges are a normal part of life and you can reach out to others to assist you if needed. 

A true challenge is something you may find difficult, something that you cannot easily achieve, something that requires that you grow, or learn a new skill, or visit a new environment or face a fear, to achieve. This is true thriving, pushing your boundaries and expanding your limits. 

Face your fears – Fears motivate some people because they don’t like the discomfort it creates and they find a way to overcome it. Fear inhibits others because they feel immobilized by it and confused about their options to overcome it.  Remember how you proceeded in the past or how someone you respect proceeded to overcome the fear and use that as a roadmap for overcoming your fear. 

Everything that comes our way can be used as an opportunity to thrive and by facing our fears, we will make the most of every opportunity that does.

Balance – Everything in nature works toward achieving balance. We call this homeostasis. This is one of the principles that KINESIS OKC is based on. In order to truly thrive we must develop a way of life that promotes balance. Each area of our lives affects balance in the others. For instance, if we are suffering from a physical ailment, it will affect our mental and emotional sense of wellbeing. This concept works in reverse as well. If we are feeling depressed, lonely, anxious, our physical health is adversely affected. 

By developing balance physically, mentally, and emotionally we better able to thrive in all those areas. 

Develop harmony – Harmony is related to balance. It helps create a sense of wellbeing by removing contentions and discord within us when we acknowledge, respect and accept differences.  Here are two definitions of harmony that may be helpful in understanding it’s importance. 

“The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.” En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmony

“Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body, and soul measured by tender peaceful moments.”  Melanie Koulouris

In other words, the act of combining different sounds, personalities, thoughts, ideas, and expectations in a respectful way can produce a pleasing effect. When we learn to accept what happens around us and within us, we can live more peacefully. We can live in harmony with ourselves and with others.